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IJLIN Bearing External Ring Высокоточный двухплоскошлифовальный станок в Южной Корее

Время: 2022-09-13 Хиты : 14

In August, Our After sales engineers  went to South Korea for Installation and commissioning. 

It is not easy to go abroad for after sales service, as for the COVID-19 is so serious. But YUHUAN's

Engineers must Go to South Korea and Thailand , for our Customers need them.

Kaswin Bearing grindingKaswin bearing details

The Machine is Our high precision double disc grinding machine YHMM7758X, for grinding the diameter 430mm External Bearing Ring.It can achieve the precision Flatness is within 0.001-0.002mm,Which can Benchmarking high-precision grinding machines in Germany and Japan.

ILJIN Bearing Grinding Details